Rod Noran

Rod Noran

Rodney Noran of SalesPro Systems, LLC. has been a small business marketing consultant for many years. He works primarily with owners, partners, sales managers and organizations who are seeking to grow their businesses through online efforts. He has help with sales training, sales strategies and lead generation.

There are a plethora of tools and traffic sources one can use today to create soled sales processes. All most all of the best lead generation strategies today start with what is now been label a "Squeeze Page", which is simply a landing page where you offer a no cost solution to your customers greatest pain. You know the very thing that keeps them awake at night. The one thing for which you provide a great solution.

Rodney Noran works with clients and entrepreneurs until they have a working game plan. He has and can provide proven working sales funnels to help your grow your business. Sales funnel marketing is the great game of selling for the 21st century. The best part is mostly automated via software, which works while you're sleeping.

Other strengths and solutions with which Rodney has experience... Involve:

  • Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site user interface and mobile marketing.
  • Developed sales and marketing lead generation through online presence.
  • Strategic consulting, including internet marketing sales strategy development.
  • Advising new businesses on the formation of their online marketing business plans.
  • Generated leads and lead strategies both online and off-line including complete sales funnel strategies from Internet advertising and direct marketing.
  • Web hosting, website development for both desktop and mobile deployment.
  • List building, email marketing, list hygiene and list segmentation.


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