Sales Funnel Automation Explained

Sales funnel automation is a result of twenty first century technology. You must understand knowledge is abounding, which means smarter and more educated consumers. The really powerful part of this for you as a business owner, marketing executive or sales person is when your prospective consumer has an itch (need) they start looking for you. So, what we are talking about is developing powerful inbound sales funnel automation techniques!

Sales Funnel Automation – No More Sales People?

In fact, I went looking for a good example of sales funnel automation and found a great article about it. The author, Buckly Barlow, made an interesting statement:

Here’s an interesting thought to ponder: if you create the ultimate marketing funnel, do you need a “sales” department? Moz doesn’t think so. If you change your focus from a sales department that depends on outbound marketing tactics to a growth development team that uses modern marketing strategies, tactics and tools to bring customers into the funnel, what do you think would happen? Are you interested in finding out?  Yeah, so am I.

Like I said, I have a lot to say about every phase of the marketing funnel. So there will definitely be more posts on this topic down the line. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on all three parts of the series. If you have questions, please ask!

So, here’s what you need to take away from this… If you slow down and use sound 21st century sales funnel automation you may literally be down sizing your sales force. Because, when your prospects are calling already pre-sold with a desire to hand you their credit card all you need then is an order taker, right? Don’t you think order takers are much more easily managed than sales people? Of course, you do, right? Here’s Buckly’s infographic on sales funnel automation.

Sales Funnel Automation

3 Ways To Increase Sales

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to increase sales

Google My Business

Ways to increase sales - Yellow PagesIn February 2005, Google introduced “Google Local” which some have labeled the product “search’s yellow page listings”.  You have no doubt benefited from this product. You may know it as Google maps. You put the business or product you are looking for in the search area and Google returns similar businesses relevant to your keyword(s).

Today, Google has labeled this product “Google My Business”. Google My Business is available to every business everywhere. They allow you to tell them exactly where your business is located along with all your correct contact information. In addition, they give you the opportunity to submit pictures, videos, bios, and much, much more. As business owners we are always looking for great ways to increase sales.

Video Marketing

Okay, video marketing is trending way up. This is one of the fastest ways to get high search rank in the Google results and converts well too because video is extremely engaging. Here’s how this works you create a sales video and then you need to do the following:

  1. A well-written keyword rich headline
  2. A description with a link to your sales landing page
  3. Select the category you wish to display your video in
  4. Tag the video with at least 5 keywords
  5. Fill out short description with primary keyword phrase and landing page
  6. Finally, make sure you tag the video with the place of recording. (map it)

At the completion of number six, your video should rank well in Google’s search results. If it doesn’t you should go to and hire someone to run a Senuke campaign for you. Also, you will need to have friends and peers go to your video and watch your video this will help rank too. You want more ways to increase sales wait until you read about click to call.

Mobile Click to Call

Way to increase sales - click to callLastly, one of the most powerful ways to increase sales is to shorten the sales process. How, might you be asking? Well, you will need to create a mobile optimized page, which only gives your prospect two choices. So, your prospect has just two choices once they land on you mobile optimized page. Their first choice is to select a button labeled “Call” which when pressed brings up the phone calling app with your number already in the dailer and all they have to do is press send. The second button sends the user to your main mobile website or your desktop website.

The important thing to note here is they have found your website via their mobile phone. You and your team will always outsell your website, brochure or any other literature. Thus, a mobile click to call squeezing them to click and call you. The best ways to increase sales is to keep an open mind about the advancement of technology and its future!

A Mobile Friendly Site Is Extremely Important

Mobile Friendly Site

Business owners are discovering they cannot do business without a mobile friendly site. A website gives their customers and potential customers access to more information about their offerings. However, one of the key factors every small business owner must understand is mobile is big and getting bigger. Also, important is social media and search engine optimization. Of course, there are numerous ways to be found and marketing online.

So, the first thing every small business owner must do is grab one of the most important parts of their marketing effort, which is a mobile friendly site. Continue Reading →