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Quote Number QUO-1703
Quote Date July 5, 2017
Total $2,497.00
Ambassador Pipe

1084 Rose Hill Rd., Billings, MO 65610

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 1. complete renovation and overhaul of AmbassadorPipe.com

SalesPro Systems will design, develop and produce a new website. This site shall include the following pages:
Home, About Us, Products, Testimonials, Request for Quote, Resources, Contact Us as the primary navigation pages.
In additition, the following secondary pages will be included in the new design. Steel Pipe, Tubing, Casing, Caissons, Generic Pipe, Special Pipe Buys, Schedule 80

This new design & layout will be mobile HTML5 ready. This means all forms will layout on smartphones in such a way as to make easily read which will enable a prospective customer or propect to eaily engage with Ambassador Pipe's online offers.

1 2. Aweber's Integration with AmbassadorPipe.com

Since many changes have taken place with the Aweber platform, SalesPro Systems, will upgrade & freshen, the Aweber/Ambassador Pipe integration this includes changing all forms to include the new functions & attributes of the Aweber platform. This includes a redesign of the Special Pipe Buys page. This will also includes any graphic design upgrade to make the Aweber integration to appear as professional & seamless as possible.

0 Website Hosting

This will be billed when website is made live. You can choose to pay monthly @ $47, quarterly @ $141, or annually @ $470. This will automatically renew accordingly.

0 Secure Socket License (SSL) Certificate

This will also be billed when website is made live. You can choose to pay one year @ $75, two years @ $130, or three years @ $150. This will automatically renew accordingly.

Sub Total $2,497.00
Tax $0.00
Total $2,497.00

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